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It's halloween in WoW now! Much fun to be had.

In other gripes, why do people think it's such a horrible job to clean a shared kitchen? There's a few companies on the same floor as innaworks and we are supposed to share the kitchen cleaning (Put things in dishwasher, turn on). Is that hard? The other companies seem to put more effort in to whinging than it would take to do the cleaning...

Bah, people.
We were once young and blessed with *beepbeepbeepbeepbeep*

Stupid headphones that need recharging. Guess that's my fault for buying wireless headphones, but bah.
A link to spread the love around:

Autism Quotient

*ahem* I got 41 *ahem*

Other than that, I have gluten free gingernuts that are crunchy, and I haven't told LJ yet! I'm shocked! They're tasty! Nomnomnom!
Unskippable anti-piracy trailers annoy me. The only reason I would pay money for a DVD would be to watch the movie, please don't get in the way of that. 30 seconds of ads telling me not to do something I didn't do makes it more tempting just to download the damn thing.

Jul. 11th, 2008

I'm liking living in a fancy modern(ish) apartment, I keep forgetting how cold it is outside, and I'm not even blasting heaters! The downside is the cost...

Also, random clicking through LJ ended up at rivet, took me a while to realise how I recognised the name, ended up at a party at her place a couple of months ago. Yay for small Wellington.

I'm also trying to find a new job, this one just isn't working out. Even WebGenius was better organised, and that's saying something. Lets see what's on offer at the moment, pity it's 6 weeks notice...
Fun things from the 'tubes, firstly I am Merloc, guitar hero style. There are some people I know who may be interested ;)

And secondly, a geographic survey of Azeroth. It's tiny.
Making Rhubarb and Ginger sponge pudding... lets see how that turns out without gluten or eggs....

And I'm now 2/3rds of the way to Level 64! Over 60 takes much longer..., took 10 days of play time to get to 60, so far 3 to 63... And all WoW interface mods suck, just for the record.

Back to cooking... and levelling ;)
Been sick for the past few days, had to take today off work :/ Hopefully I'll be better by Sunday, have to drive up to the Wairarapa.

Being entertained by nutcake and TV. She has been acquired by a kitty.

I've also learnt that you should never work with friends. It's fine to become friends with your workmates, but not the other way around.

Now... TV.
Heh, personality tests.

MeeeeeCollapse )

Apr. 18th, 2008

I'm getting really sick of being depressed all the time. If only I'd actually gotten over myself when I was at uni and talked to someone, I could have afforded it then.