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Is this thing on?

Almost forgot about it...


I have so many ideas for neat things I'd like to see, but I always manage to procrastinate, then forget. I have so many half-finished projects lying around it isn't funny.

So, I'm going to pick them up one at a time and actually do them. No idea what I'm going to do for motivation though, hopefully the reward will be completing a project. Who knows, I may get to like it :)

Nov. 9th, 2009

So I may have slipped off the bandwagon and purchased a new laptop... It was shiny, in the shop and everything. The new screens are nice, but the glossy finish is bugging me. Other than that, so far so good, and hopefully the final components of my backup system will turn up tomorrow.

Aug. 29th, 2009

Look what arrived from the amazing kit_a_licious!

Spam and Harry Potter

I run coeliac_recipes, and until 6 hours ago it was unmoderated and had worked fine for 6 years, people posted recipes and we all got along. Then someone, I can't really call them a spammer, came along and flooded in some graphic and disturbing posts. I removed their membership, but they came back. Now it's moderated and I'm waiting for a response from the LJ abuse team. Go life.

In more pleasant news, I saw the latest Harry Potter. Thought it was a little slow to start, but so was the book. Pretty good though.

And with that the time creeps closer to 1am and I should sleep, especially as I have a flat inspection at 9:45 tomorrow...
I can't believe I haven't read Dune before, but now I'm correcting this oversight.

Also there's a new series of Mock The Week for people who can get to iPlayer. It's pretty awesome.

Back to the book, though I really should do something about the housework...

Jun. 15th, 2009

So... many many months since I posted, maybe I should in case anyone still reads this ;)

Still working at Innaworks, slowly being driven insane by cellphone bugs, and I mean insane.

I've recently returned to the land of the single. Not quite sure why, but it's done.

Twitter is getting me out of the house more though, so that's good. If only I had the money to do it more. Anyone want a programmer/sysadmin/anything computery?

And that's pretty much it.
Hrm, I really haven't posted much since I got involved in Twitter. That's a dangerous place. I hide over there.

I keep meaning to post here, but twitter is easier :P
This is neat, cheap kitchen fire suppression, I'd get one if I wasn't renting, and if the sprinklers wouldn't set off anyway ;)

Jan. 2nd, 2009

Finally got around to listening to Dark Passion Play. Good album, but it's not old Nightwish.

Also, got around to updating my journal, in between work, WoW and writing some keyboard drivers I haven't been doing much interesting. I need to take more photos, and probably wander around town on a sunny day.

I don't think anyone here is a Mac gamer, especially not one with a G15 keyboard, unless you're lurking. I've been cooking up some drivers for it, better than the just-released logitech ones (not a high bar I know). Let me know if you're lurking though, I need testers and people to tell me what horrible GUI mistakes I've made.

That's all for now ;)